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Prof. Gerrie Bester

Prof. Gerrie Bester

Born in Bloemfontein, I was raised in a typical South African household & Christian home. We moved to England in my primary school years where I completed my primary school education for three years in a school in London, England.

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I grew up in religion thinking I was ready to meet the King of kings should my life on earth come to an end. I was horrifically misled by the enemy as I missed the most important thing of all – the heart of the Father! I had no relationship with the Father but merely went through the motions as a church goer. I was not a “partaker” in the Kingdom of God but a “church goer.” I never even knew the difference!

Our gracious Father in heaven however, had an appointment and a plan with my life. One Saturday afternoon at the age of 28, I met HIM under a thorn tree in the bushveld and my life changed. I was alone with Him, face to face, His Word, which I thought I knew, the life line in my hand – the day I broke before Him! The day my knees bent in the presence of the great “I Am!” Although, it was 20 years ago, it feels like yesterday.

The day I heard the loving voice of the Father speak firmly into my prideful heart , He overwhelmed me with a love that made me fall in love with Him over and over again… and every day since that encounter. I humbly tell this testimony…. because for the first time He became real to me! I realized that the cross only has value if we choose to surrender our all to the everlasting King Jesus! The way He wants us to surrender all, not only in things we are willing to surrender. I have never been the same since that day. Glory to Him!

Being a practicing Chartered accountant and auditor, I deal with facts and numbers every day. So you can imagine my brain is focused on searching and clarifying facts and truths. I started studying the bible from that day, not for head knowledge alone, but it was a stony heart being saturated by the Word of a loving Father, under guidance of Holy that burned inside me.